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[Paid] Seeking artists at GDC (Char Modeler/Sculptor, Env Artist, Maya TA and Houdini TA)

polycounter lvl 4
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yankijp polycounter lvl 4
Hi Polycount,

Going to GDC at last minute. Looking for artists while there but they can remote from anywhere. I am an ex feature film and AAA person who now runs a small studio doing mostly VR.

1. Character modeler/sculptor. Zbrush required. High degree of realistic anatomy knowledge needed. Work with another char artist working remotely.

2. Environment Artist/prop artist. Ability to work fast but keep decent quality. Higher poly ok even though end result runs on VR. Ability to assemble scenes in Unreal a plus. 

3. Maya tech artist. Mostly script and UI creation.

4. Houdini tech artist. Experienced with procedural geometry creation. VEX experience preferred. 

Please send portfolios/resumes to [email protected]

Not interested in companies. Only individuals. 

Thank you
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