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I cannot draw but I can 3D model, how can I succeed in becoming a good 3D sci-fi designer?

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This is a question I have been battling for five years. even though i am not yet as good as I want to be in both 2D and 3D art especially 2D art. I am still able to progress adecuately. In this tutorial I will like you to go through this amazing adventure as how I found a way of using my crappy 2D sketch along side my 3D modeling process for a project. In this project we are going to be making a Sci-fi cyberpunk teen room. I will be sharing screenshots from start to finish (obviously right?)


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    BlackNiboWOlf polycounter lvl 2
    The tools/resources I will be using for this tutorial are:
    A drawing book and pencil
    Quixel suite
    Unreal engine 4
    lets get started
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    BlackNiboWOlf polycounter lvl 2
    like in real life before we do anything we need a plan. same goes for 3D modeling. One thing I believe is, if you have a good image reference you have a 30 % chance of getting your vision into CG reality. from the image above I gathered some images that will help me in laying out my design or concept for my project. The idea is not to carbon copy but to give you an idea of what you are looking for.
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    This is really interesting because this is something I'm struggling with right now too. I am learning to be a 3D modeler but don't have the drawing skills to properly plan my ideas. You mentioned a tutorial in your original post and it seems like you were planning on making it a text tutorial using this forum? Do you plan on finishing it by any chance?
    I would love to hear about your process and if you had any tips on how to improve :)
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    BlackNiboWOlf polycounter lvl 2
    Yes I am I had a hard time uploading images because they are crucial to this tutorial but I will start. 
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    BlackNiboWOlf polycounter lvl 2
    This is my first tutorial I will make so please bear with me :).

    Step 1:
    So first and foremost, we need to be in the right state of mind to approach this issue. In my opinion, what ever you want to do in life you must be in the right state of mind in order to achieve what you want to achieve. make yourself calm and relaxed and start thinking of your project. Start small and gradually make it bigger.
    With that being said, Lets start.

    Step 2:

    First we need to have references and when I mean references I mean a ton of them because, the more you look at them the more the image you look for will appear in your thoughts which will then help you lay out your initial sketch of what you want. A good place for image reference or let me say the site I used the most of this part of my project are pinterest and artstation. On These websites you are not only going to find image you can refer to but also, be aspired from or maybe get you even more motivated on your art.
    After I have gathered all this and spent days just staring at images, its time for the second step, use your favorite image editor and combine them into one image and label or circle every detail that you might want to refer to or maybe use but, make sure where credit is due. again please do not rush, take your time. 

    Step 3

    After you have successfully established an image in your thoughts. its time to put it to work. this can be done in two ways;
    • 1 You block the concept out (also known as foundation)
    • 2 Or you put it on paper
    Option 2 is not really necessary if you cannot sketch or you cannot put what you want on paper be it digitally or traditionally.
    The point for doing this is not to present the sketch to someone rather its to give you a guideline or memory of what you want to do. It must not be too fancy as you can see from the image above. I do not do this with all my projects just some that really rely on my ref images which in most cases I do not copy one for one. I first make a basic shape of boxes and planes then highlighted which part I want it to be specifically. After that I go to my references for details, technical sense, vibe etc.

    I gotta go we will continue ;)
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