Maya REPRO NODE dissapears. bug?


Today i started studing MASH for Maya. 
I quickly realized that my REPRO NODE dissapears after some time. 

When it does - the boxy icon in MASH editor changes to checkered icon as below.
I saw one post about the issue but frankly I could not understand the workaround. 

Can somebody explain this to me? is it a bug? am I doing something wrong?
It totally destroys my non-destructive workflow that I was hoping to achieve with MASH. 



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    You're doing something wrong.

    You have changed your MASH run mode to run as an Instancer not as a Repromesh. You can freely convert between different modes but Repromesh has more power than the instancer (though Instancer should run faster).

    You can change it by right clicking on the checkered boxes and convert to Repro, or you can just recreate your MASH network and in the settings change it to create a Mesh not an Instance.
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