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Telltale is seeking a new User Interface Designer to join our talented UI team.

Telltale Games is making award-winning, narrative-driven games set in the popular worlds of The Walking Dead, Minecraft, & Batman to name a few. These successful properties demand a premium user interface, and the UI team within Telltale needs your help designing, creating and implementing that interface (both the “front end” and HUD) across multiple platforms and languages.

The very demanding UI Designer position requires not only an understanding of traditional Graphic Design but some comfort with 3D modeling, animation, game design and even a dash of programming. It’s much more than creating icons. It requires a “jack of all trades” mindset to be successful, however, you will be working within established technical and design specifications, alongside experience and helpful team members. Prior industry experience is preferred. You will be expected to be able to both collaborate and work independently, troubleshoot technical issues, all while maintaining a demanding workload in a fast-paced environment.


  • First and foremost, your resume, portfolio and/or demo reel must demonstrate sound graphic design skills (Layout/Composition, Typography, Iconography and Copywriting).
  • Strong working knowledge of Photoshop
  • Additionally, your body of work should also showcase some of the following offerings:
    • Interactive design (mobile/web/flash)
    • UX Experience
    • Animation/Motion Graphics
    • 3D Modeling Experience
    • Scripting knowledge
    • Unity knowledge a plus

Note that even candidates with promising portfolios will likely be asked to complete a demanding UI test. This test will be used to demonstrate your artistic skill, creativity, ambition, technical and industry knowledge, as well as your ability to improvise. For those truly serious about this position, be prepared for the test taking about two days (about a weekend) to properly complete.

Candidates must be authorized to work and accept new employment in the U.S. 

Telltale Games is an Equal Opportunity Employer and ADA compliant.

Apply Here!

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