GDC Beer Bust - Drakes` Stein

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Hey all,
After I finished my hand painted weapon "Gorehowl" I thought I`ll do a model for the Sketchfab Beer Bust challenge, this time all sculpted with PBR materials. PBR shaders and sculpting is something I do much less often than hand painted so I thought this could be a fun project :)
I started sketching and ended up with the following:

The idea was that I tried to sketch something what demons would use in a pub lol a "Demons` Stein", its nothing special but considering the deadline I thought it has to do. I had plans to have some little figures, devils or goblins on the top placed around the metallic area on the sides posing them on a way like they were trying to pry off the top bit of the skull, and maybe have a succubus sitting on the top, replacing the pointy segment on the very top.

Then it suddenly it all got tricky, I got contracted for a job so I had no time for little dancing devils and I was back to hand painting lol... so I decided to wrap it up with a dragon. Here is where it is now, part sculpted part blocked, slowly getting the sculpt done :)

that`s it for now, will be back soon with a more polished sculpt! thx for checking, crits and feedback is much appreciated as always :)


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