How to make particles attack an object

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pmiller001 greentooth
This isnt urgent or anything, I just wanted to know if you all had any thoughts on this. 
HOw would I make an emitter, spawn mesh particles that fly up for a certain amount of time, and then all fly towards one point.  Like a cluster of missiles. or some magic swords. 
I was thinking about this on my drive in this morning, and i'm really not sure if this is correct.

I would first spawn my particles with a high velocity going upwards,
Then once they've stayed in the air for decent amount of time, I would scale up an attractor module with high strength and have them fly towards that and hopefully die at the center of the attractor. (i'm not sure if thats possible.) 
That's how I would go about that, but I think a few of the problems would be, that the result would be the same pretty much every time, not to mention, How do you target that? 
Is there a way to click on an actor, and make that your new attractor? i feel like this is past my current skill, but I wanted to know y'alls thoughts on this. 


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