URSA VS RIKI - Sculpture Entry - WIP

This piece is a WIP and will feature both Ursa and Riki.

Scenario: Riki is backstabbing Ursa as Ursa tries to stop him. I am trying to make the poses dynamic and would ideally want a flow that would also take body inertia into account.

This is the work I have done on it until now, Ursa is not yet complete. I am going to build his armor and detail the head gear after which I will start sculpting Riki. C&C appreciated.


  • slocik
    No need to add riki, you can say hes invisible or in ultimate ;D
  • lockey25
    slocik said:
    No need to add riki, you can say hes invisible or in ultimate ;D

    Ha ha ha ha amazing idea :p
  • lockey25
    Armor updated for Ursa - WIP

  • lockey25
    Riki sculpt complete and poised against Ursa. All that is left now is the terrain and the props.

  • lockey25
    Ok! so the sculpt is finally complete and I created a few feature shots for the miniature.

    Edited the render in PS to add the motion blur to the body.

    I added the different props and detailed the finishing touches. You will see the base with pavement is added. I tried to mimic how Dota 2 pavements look inside of the game on the Radiant side.

    This is a strip of images from all sides, images in more detail below:

    A more clear image of how Riki is backstabbing Ursa from the side view. I paid a lot of attention on body weights, anatomy and how inertia should act on both the heroes, Riki balancing to the right to counter the inertia produced by Ursa's reaction.

    The image above show cases some items from the game, some wards to spot Riki and the trusty ol' blink dagger fr Ursa.

    Top view showcasing the paved road depicted in the base.

    Hope you find this piece interesting. C&C appreciated. Have a lovely weekend.
  • slocik
    The balance seems really off, front heavy to say the least, im not sure how to fix it without reposing the whole thing though or at lest doubling the base size.
    Also multiple parts still show sings its the game model divided, claws and armor. Squary and stuff.
    Base feels kinda uninspired. I would even probabaly prefer some rocks over what seams a modern brick road pattern ;/

    Rest looks good.
  • lockey25
    Thanks for the feedback. As for balance, Riki counter balances Ursa plus even if it were off balance, the base is thick enough to stay stable. I've made quite a few of these miniatures and balance will be ok for this one.

    I don't understand what you meant by multiple parts? But all the model is connected and is one so there aren't any separate parts here.

    As for base texture, it's inspired from the brick that shows in Dota2 radiant. I do agree a bit of grass would have looked better alongside the bricks.

    Appreciate the comments  

    I'll keep you guys posted with the 3D printout when it arrives.

  • lockey25
  • slocik
    By the multiple parts i mean that things like claws show the signs of ingame trangulation.
    |I assume you used the ingame models as a base for sculpting and i can see in the claws and other parts that "blocky" look that dosnt quite fit.
    I would def go over them with some smooth and standard brush.
  • lockey25
    I wanted the claws to look like that actually, sharp and pointy, Wolverine style. 

    I've received multiple comments about the claws being too flat so I guess I will make some improvements there. As for your comment about in-game model used in claws and armour, this armour doesn't even exist in Dota, I made custom sets for this piece. I like to block things out using lowpoly mesh and then subdivide it and in places I like to keep the rigidness to give it a tad cartoonist look. If you look across the model you will find smoothed surfaces and blocky parts, I just find it more interesting.

    Thanks for the comments, I will definitely work on the claws a bit more. And also a bit on rikis blades as their edges are going to cause problem in printing. I'll make them one thickness just like the blink dagger.

  • lockey25
    I have made the model available for print at Shapeways at cost, I have not  put any profit on it till the end of competition. So if anyone wants to try it out now is the time to do it really cheap :)


  • lockey25
    Link to a video I created for this piece:

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