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[Paid] City/Outdoor environment for mobile Unity 3D.

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We're looking for artists that are able to create worlds/environments for mobile games.

These environments are needed for a Racing/Demolition Derby game running on unity 2018.3. Technically we'll only need the Max or FBX file from you. But candidates that can provide the unity support would be a huge plus.

Two types of environments are needed: The larger ones under 40,000 tris. Smaller Arenas under 20,000

Here are some of the goals for creating environments:
  • The smaller level can have 1 alpha object, like a fence or outside treeline. Transparency on larger levels should be avoided. (No alpha tested textures.)
  • 40 texture limit for environment. This gets used up fast, because it includes existing signs, trees, etc.
  • Large world needs to large enough to explore and to have several race track paths created within it's bounds.
  • The larger levels should also include ramps and room for stunt areas. I will provide a model ramp angles and car trajectory estimates. 
  • A simplified collision mesh will be needed. Broke into 2 types, walls and ground.
  • Collision surfaces are invisible and poly counts can be increase on them to smooth some areas if needed.
  • Roads and terrain need to be smooth. Bumpy surfaces will make driving difficult.
  • Simple materials that use an alpha to reflect a cube map can be used (no normal maps). Scene's are kept as simple as possible to perform good on mobile.
  • Open to suggestions on the the environment. We have a list of locations we would like to have but we are open to your ideas.
  • We'll have several textures already done like roads, grass, etc. The more existing textures used, the better.
  • Smaller dynamic objects are not needed. We can use existing dynamic objects to populate your world.

Some technical notes. Hopefully you are familiar with a texturing technique where you combine textures when building environments. In most of our levels, it is common to use several textures that are 128x2048 to reduce the draw count.

When I learned this technique it was called "Texture Stripping", but I'm sure it might be called something else. For example: these buildings are mapped so most tile side to side. Next I stack the building 2 or more times to add floors to them. Followed by adding detail objects like AC unit, awning, cutting in doors and adding a roof, etc... I attached one of the 5 textures used to create the city screenshot below.

Feel free to ask follow up questions here since this project is a bit open ended with location and goals.

Please email directly. Mike(at)BeerMoneyGames.com

This is an example of a game texture in the downtown city map.


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    3DAutosports polycounter lvl 6
    I'm in charge of all the art and I like to be very hands on. I'm working on the new garage area and below you can see I've created this entire level using only 1 texture so far and I still have room to add more! While the city or level areas I posted about in my first post will cover a much larger area, getting a quick screenshots of what some of our existing areas look like can help you on whatever you create.




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    3DAutosports polycounter lvl 6
    *Bump. We would like to add several new levels to our game. If you are interested please send me an email: Mike(at)BeerMoneyGames.com
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