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Riot Creative Contest 2017 Winners - Animation

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Animation Winners!

The animation category was an incredibly close call this year,  with absolutely astounding entries. The whole animation community at Riot wanted to get involved and helped judge the winners.

1st place - Stephane Videlo - We feel Stephane delivered on all fronts. Creatively, style wise and showing a great understanding of how to make an animation suite flow together. Not an easy character to animate, which incorporated a complex hair design, seamlessly flowing into several different animations. Body mechanics were solid. Timing and texture felt great on both the ultimate attack and locomotion cycles. Overall everything felt cohesive and executed seamlessly. Stephane took no easy routes here, and its paid off incredibly.

2nd place - Benjamin Molina - Benjamin had some of the strongest posing and timing in the entire contest. The character used had a very appealing silhouette that could be pushed to great extremes. The creativity was amazing and the ideas were executed flawlessly.  It was a very close call and almost a split decision but we felt that the overall package in the end lacked a little bit of what Stephane brought to the table in terms of complexity and variation.

3rd place
- Vlad Medovnikoff -  Vlad had a great entry which was super creative and fun. But we felt the posing didn't come through quite as strong as the others. The creativity was top notch and Vlad took a great risk with the idea overall. A super solid entry just not quite at the animation level of the others.


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