Gorehowl - a hand painted personal take on the Hellscreams` fav toy (low poly weapon)

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Hey guys, I haven`t posted for years on Polycount so I thought I`ll start a smaller low poly hand painted project to kick things off.
I decided to do a personal iteration of the legendary weapon of the Hellscream boiz of the Warsong clan from Warcraft: the mighty two handed axe "Gorehowl"
I`ve seen numerous versions of this weapon trough the ages, since the Warcraft franchise launched, some are more different than the others but a few things almost always consistently present, features I decided to carry over to my version:
-mighty size, being a two-hander
-skull decor at the top of the head of the axe
-a row of "teeth" on the spine of the blade
-non-figurative shapes indented on the sides of the axe`s head
I don`t plan to reinvent the wheel just twist the design a bit, making the weapon a bit more dynamic, an maybe a bit more vicious looking :) My refs:


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