How to achieve GI in lightmass without using skylight

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is there a way to utilize the new feature "Num Sky Lighting Bounce" without using skyight? Or is it just common sense to use skylight in every type of scene? What about a dark enclosed room with one or two source of light with harsh shadow?

Or is there any other way to get a good GI with lightmass without skylight? The purpose of using skylight is to make a cubemap that could match the lighting with the reflection right? (its from gnomon ue4 lighting and rendering video) Could this be replaced by using sphere reflection probe actors?

Im really confused now :/ theres so much way to achieve this :c Especially with Light Propagation Volume (this is just a good old realtime GI right?) and also, with the addition of volumetric lightmap, is it safe to assume we dont use the old Volume lighting samples anymore?


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    There are several ways to get convincing bounce lighting with lightmass, without a skylight.
    Things to tweak:
     - num of bounces in world settings - you can set this to a very high number for no cost. Try 50.
    - Indirect lighting intensity per light - 4-6-8 or such a value would brighten your shadows if the light can bounce around. So this helps a lot in closed spaces.
    - indirect lighting intensity in the post process - for me, usually something between 2 and 4 works, but tweaking emissive can look similar to changing this, if you have a lot of emissive area lights.
    - wrong exposure can make your indirect lighting dark.
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    hey man thanks for replying c: sry for all my previous wrong doing haha.

    okay ill try that c: also do you know how exactly gi in post proccess works? theres like layer of gi that im not sure which one to change sometimes to get the nicest result, or troubleshooting which one ise useless
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