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Hey Guys,

I'm sure you all get this a lot and I'm sure a lot of you like me really yearn to be in this business but never seem to be given a shot. I can accept it but I keep getting told different things so now I'm kind of lost, dazed, confused whatever you want to call it.

I went to a games recruiter recently (who still refuse to support graduate artists animators because of the lack of experience) who looked at my work for a games animation job to simply tell me I need walk cycles, attacks, etc.  That to me is character animation I kind of fired over a portfolio (https://stitchshift.myportfolio.com/) that brushed on multiple things (2D animation and motion graphics amongst them).

If my portfolio is not good enough then that's fine I'm gonna just have to keep working on it but I don't want to keep walking round the same dead ground over and over. I guess I just want a way in and want to know what kind of jobs I can apply for. If its not games animator (even though I have an animation degree) then what? I mean maybe I'm just not good enough and never will be.

Either way if its an unattainable dream then I may as well step away and just keep it as a hobby that ill do as and when. So I figured id ask you guys and if you have time to check out my portfolio and fire over some advice I really appreciate it. 

Apologies for the history lesson, I respect everyone on this board a hell of a lot and while I don't say much the work I see always intimidates me a little lol but I don't let it stop me from having my own fun.

Thanks in advance!


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