[MAYA 3D] Paper craft render

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sawcisson polycounter lvl 2
Hi there polycount experts,

i'm a student in animation and i'm actually really not advanced in animation and 3D render with Maya.

For our upcoming shortfilm we would like to make some papercraft render 


I searched all over google without finding exactly how to do it , how does it goes.

Maybe some of you could give me some links or explanation on how to obtain that kind of renders.
Should i use hand painted paper texture ? Or should i maybe just do plain color and add some kind of bump map ? how to obtain that flat paper like render on low poly models ?


  • jStins
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    jStins polycounter lvl 5
    A good GI render and controlling your hard and soft edges on your low poly models will be essential ingredients in achieving this look. Textures can be relatively simple with some subtle variation in high frequency color / bump to achieve the matte aesthetic, but the modeling, lighting and rendering will make or break it. 
  • sawcisson
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    sawcisson polycounter lvl 2
    I see how to do the modeling look right in low poly , simple texture , and soft/hard edges.

    But i'm totally not on point with how the render work and what to do on that side. Do you maybe have some links that could help me on it ? I can't find any valuable tutorial on this.
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