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Jewelry Catagory Guidelines


The Jewelry category should include jewelry to be worn on the body. You can design to be printed in plastics or metals like silver and gold!In this category, create:






and more. 

Winners will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Printability - getting a good 3d print takes a more than just sculpting up a great design. Study the guides Shapeways offers to give you the extra details you'll need to know when setting up your entries. 
  • Creativity - the potential for designs and objects is endless. Surprise us all with a great idea and you may find yourself a winner.
  • Artistic merit - A great idea and printability are important but how well your design is executed and presented will be judged as well.

Remember to share a link to the product on Shapeways in your shop and tag it 'Dota2' and 'Polycount' to officially enter.

Quick references:
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