Polycount Recap Collection | 2017

We are part of an industry known for constant change. An industry whose communities within form, evolve, and fade right along side it. Polycount is no different. In the two decades that our forums have been running we have seen our community and culture shift, for better or worse. There is, however, at least one constant. The passion, creativity, and skill that the Polycount community pours into exceptional pieces of art remains year in and year out. 

For six of those years we have been curating just a portion of the beautiful work posted on our boards and presenting them in the monthly Polycount Recaps, showcasing highlights from the flood of artwork. At the end of each year we bundle these highlights into a single zip file as both a gift for the community and a way to give the creators the extra exposure they most definitely deserve. This year's Polycount Recap Collection is now available for download, as well as the collections from each previous year. A huge thank you to all of you Polycounters, both new and old, and let's get to work on the next collection!

Polycount Recap Collection 2017

Polycount Recap Collection 2016

Polycount Recap Collection 2015

Polycount Recap Collection 2014

Polycount Recap Collection 2013

Polycount Recap Collection 2012


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