STF3d - Photo-realism / photogrammetry Packs

Hey guys,

My name is Til, I'm Co-Founder and CEO of STF 3d GbR, and I really appreciate the opportunity to showcase some of our work here.  

About us:

We are a bunch of artists from Germany who want to bring photo-realistic content with excellent performance to UE4.

Our goal is it to enable artists to achieve photo-realistic looks with UE4 at an affordable price. All our models come either with reasonable polycounts, or with several (meaning: up to seven!) LOD levels; our idea is to invest a bit more effort into the retopology process, so looks and performance will go hand in hand. 

Our first product is a set of ten tree trunks / stumps that was mostly photo-scanned in northern Germany. It will soon be followed by a very large set of Southeast-Asian content which also contains photogrammetry assets, and by Summer, we want to be able to offer nature and architecture sets from Italy, France, Monaco and Spain as well. 

Thank you for your time!

STF3d-Pack 01:

(The repetitive leaf-texture is merely an addition to enable customers to blend the trunks nicely with the ground)

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