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[WIP] Xayah and Rakan: Aphea

I have always been intrigued by a bit of dialogue Xayah and Rakan share where Rakan asks Xayah to marry him, only for her to tell him to ask again tomorrow, seemingly everyday. I took this contest as an opportunity to explore why that is and when this tradition started.

As research I went back through all their lines, stories, and cinematic again. The Aphea Waterfall is a significant place for them but not explained why other then exchanging vows there. This seemed a good a setting to tie in further with the cannon lore and their characters.

As for the narrative itself I decided what happened at Aphea should be either very romantic or dangerous/near death, to be so memorable. Seeing as much of their romantic side is already explored through the lore, and dangerous is much more interesting so I went with that.

For the characters themselves my goal was to explore what is past Rakan's laid back playful attitude, and to explore Xayah's more uncertain side when she doesn't have plan. Both of these have been hinted in their lines and stories and make their characters much more interesting to me.



  • Dipplodocus
    Figure I'll post my first finished draft for an hour before I get it ready to submit.

    Managed to keep under the 1000 word limit surprisingly 
    From this draft I'd want to improve on exploring more on Xayah and Rakan's characters rather than just their reactions. I feel the conflict and resolution is clear and strong but am never happy with the ending. Could definitely afford the extra words to flesh out the setting but perhaps simpler the better. 

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