[RIOT CREATIVE CONTEST 2017] Environment Art - Mary

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mary3m null
hi everyone this is my first time participating
this my try still so much to learn especially the texture but it was fun learning challenge for me :)

the story:- (I wrote)
ancient battle between red and blue minion towns 
they fought for long time using old crystal magic power
but there is beast lives in the mines they had to call and summon strong warriors to fight side to the town minions 
that is the story of  war that is the warriors call..
who will answer the call ?..
that is your summoner ;)

that was the story reference 

that was the story I work with when I was creating the red tower & red buff cave
I thought I create mage minion as tower
the red buff cave is old cave that is the old mine where the magic red crystal in 
but to get the old magic red buff the beast must be slay to enter it

the red tower

few studies

concept art sheet :)

the red tower 3D

the red buff

I had started very late a week ago so no time to learn full workflow but it was good challenge
I learned a lot and will work on my texture
+ note to myself start eary ;)
I know it late but any feedback is appreciated I am learning

Good luck everyone :)

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