[COMPLETE] Promotional Video Script. Yasuo: Threads of Fate

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I loved Riot’s recent multi-stage story telling approach for Varus’ lore and imagined (enthusiastically) a similar narrative project for Yasuo. 

For my submission, I want to set the stage to flush out Yasuo’s backstory while providing new narrative arc opportunities to explore. I came up with a promotional video script that’s different from the music videos and action montages Riot already published.

Since it’s meant for the internet, I wanted to make sure my script is:

-less than 3 min.
-is action focus but story driven
-does not require the audience to have read Yasuo’s canon bio
-does not retcon against existing lore

Yasuo is evidently inspired by Japanese Samurai motifs. Scarlet is adapted from Chinese wuxia literature. I thought it’d be interesting to showcase an amalgamation of these two cultures that begins at odds with each other but ends towards meaningful collaboration. l hope you like it!

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