[Complete] The Spirit of Ionia

I was always a real big fan(hah) of old Karma.  I'm still sad that she isn't around and I can't play her so I wrote a story about the Noxus invasion of Ionia and how she stopped it.  I always found that the thematics of original Karma's kit encompassed the spirit of Ionia so much better than her current kit.  Hard to really drive that across in writing so I focused on the one part of her old kit that always stuck out to me as core and was a shame to have gone.  I don't directly mention it but her old passive where the lower health she got the more powerful she became always struck a chord at how in line that is with the will of the Ionian nation as a whole.  When pushed to the brink, that is when they will push back the hardest.

I also wrote this pretty late into the contest, last day, i'm not expecting anything, the quality definitely suffered for that flaw of mine, but it was fun to write, and i hope someone has fun reading it too.
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