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Hi !
My name is Elwen Mahé, I'm a second-year french student in sound design and music production in Paris.
I just saw that we have to create a wip topic for this contest so here I am ^^

My school told me about this contest very vey late so I started it monday 22/01/2018.
I had only 9 day to do it all from scratch as I had not a single self made sample yet ^^"

Here is my schedule:

Monday 22/01: Cue list + gathering the stuff needed to make my recordings + trying to book my schools studios as much as they are available :S

The main phase here was to note every sound I wanted and sort them to know which one I would record and which one I would create using plugins.

Tuesday 23/01: recording my samples using an AKG C414 linked to Protools. Then I had to cut and rename every sample I had to make a usefull soundbank. (almost 300 samples)

Wednesday 24/01: I started to place the clothes sounds as they where my favourites ones ^^ Then I set a few blades sounds

Thursday 25/01: I managed to book the recording room again (but only for the morning) so I recorded some missing sounds and other ideas. + choosing and placing all the steps in the project...god... this took so much time !!!!

Friday 26/01: setting the sound design of the red ring and particles + feathers sounds

Saturday 27/01: didn't really worked this day I went to school for a few hours only. I layered some stuff to have more texture. I also made a review on what is left to be done.

Sunday 28/01: mostly playing with Dust by soundmorph and freaking out about the deadline coming fast.

Monday 29/01: gee let's rush to school and ace every sounds related to Rakan. So I did his ultimate and the knock up.

Tuesday 30/01: Holy crap it's getting closer ! I added some ambiant sounds, "wooshes" for the cam movements and fixing stuff.

Wednesday 31/01: I feel like a deer caught in the lights of a truck on a highway... Let's try to fix everything and get the mix done. AND GUESS WHAT: I kinda neglected characters sounds like *hops* and *yah* stuffs. FAST FAST! Let's grab a mic and record this really quick !!!


  • Eisenhorn
    Now let's talk about how did I made my sounds:

    Blue particles: I used Dust to get some chimed granular stuff and make a ambiant pad out of it.

    Swamp background: I used Serum with a low pass filter and an LFOto get some modulations.

    Feathers: I used Dust for the magical flare and Reaktor for the swift part.

    Violet shine (used for the feathers violet smoke): I used Dust to make a pad that I cut into samples.

    Clothes: all clothes sounds come from a coat that I shook in front of the mic ^^

    Fall / steps / skids: I just filled a salad bowl with dirt, rice and small polystirene beads (it add some good high frequencies)

    Black smoke / heavy breathing: I used reaktor and maybe a bit of Alchemy to make some layers that I send in a reverb.

    Rakans knock up: this one was my most problematic sound to make as I had no clue on how to make it and I is a important part of the video with a big impact and visual so I couldn't mess up with it. I managed to get a super cool burst by layering a lot of stuff:
    A noisy texture using serum to make the bone of the spell. Then some smoke sample as I made above to give it more room. Then a skid sound from my dirt salad ^^. Then I needed some high frequencies so I used samples that I recorded with a homemade rainstick using a empty plastick botlle filled with rice. (I had no Idea what to do with that when I recorded it but hey the mic was on and I had a botlle and some spare rice so let's try some fun stuff ^^). Then to give a subtle magical finishing I added a layer of the violet shine.

    Zed attacking the ground: some impact layered with reaktor then a loooooot of reverb ^^.

    Daggers: I used my bread knife that I rubbed against a fork ._. They sound a bit cheap exepted for the last one which I REALLY love.

    Knuckles Krac: I had to ask a friend if he could crack his finger in front of the mic since I can't do that ^^" That part was really painfull as I hardly stands the sounds of cracking bones :S

    Background inside the tower: I used again the serum I made for the swamp/forest but added an additionnal ambiant sound made with alchemy.

    Blue particle transforming into red one: I used some broken glass sounds reversed and processed with reverb and delay.

    Red ring: For the red ring I wanted something whispering some freaky stuff like an Horcrux in Harry Potter. To have that kind of whispering I recorded myself reading the background story of Rakan. Then I put the sample in a big reverb. Rendered it, reversed it and putting in again in a reverb. As the texture and the tone was not enough, I recorded two friends reading the background story of Zed and Xayah the processed the sample the same way.

    Ring cracking / Particle colliding with the ring: layered sample fragments of my homemade rainstick + the sound of clementine being slowly peeled of.

    Voices: I recorded myself doing some *hops* and *yah* that I pitched to match the characters. Yes I also did Xayah ^-^

    Bodies falling: I just dropped my backpack on the floor and that sounded really good to me :)

    I hope I didn't missed anything. Feel free to ask questions ^^

  • Eisenhorn

    Here is my entry but lord I CANT UPLOAD IT :'(
    I'm really in tears the drop box doesn't work I can't send my vidéo file !
  • Eisenhorn
    Okay I managed to upload them. If you have the same problem than me try to upload again and again and again untill it works (Thats what I did).
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