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[RIOT CREATIVE CONTEST 2017] Character Art - Demon Axe Olaf - BoBo

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Ok here we go!

I've been playing a lot of Olaf lately and thought he'd be a fun champ to make a skin for. He's also fairly basic design wise so shouldn't be too hard to get through. I really dig the God-weapon tier skins (God Fist and God Staff) Riot has been making so I thought it would be fun to make a counter. DEMON AXE!

I haven't had a lot of time lately for personal work so I thought I'd try something I used to do back in the Quake 3 days. Set aside a day and just see how far I can get. Probably won't finish today but it will be fun to try!

To help with this, my goal is to get to textures as fast as possible. The final product is a diffuse only asset so no need in making a beauty sculpt. I will do some sculpting but it will be quick and dirty and only used for retopo and some lighting info. Additionally, I'm not going to worry about packing UVs until I'm about 60% finished with the texture. I'm just going to rough unwrap and texture until I'm happy with where the texture is going then I'll pack and bake over my textures to the new UV layout.

I'll post updates every couple hours or so throughout the day.

To start it off, Here are roughed in proportions and stand-in geo for where I want my details. I'll start delving into the individual pieces now.



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