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[WIP] The Keeper - (Poppy)

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Cryobeat null
Been very busy, so despite looking into this as early as October, only recently have I gotten around to writing for it.

Here is the second draft (I was eager to work and had overwritten the first draft. Though in truth, we should never show anyone our first drafts; they're almost always awful). The improvements from first draft are some word and sentence changes, restructures, some changes to dialogue. And a LOT in the name of removing content to fit the word count. As is natural in a first draft, there were plenty of redundant words, and plenty of things that contributed little to the story.

I hope this is an entertaining story, and will get around to the final edit and proofreading quite soon; there is little time.
Who knows, I may even throw out another story in time!

Thanks, and enjoy.
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