Updating Modular Dungeon Set

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Omafo_MF vertex
I have been working on a modular dungeon set project last year and decided to update and revisit textures and props, to try and see how much I have improved so far.
-!Feedback or tips on textures or anything else is welcomed!-

The stage I ve left it then, looking at it now a lot have to be changed/updated.
(Note, I ve inserted a prop I ve made recently that I will also include in the scene.)

Current objective is to update the main textures such as walls/floor tiles/pillars/stairs and such, and figure out ways to diversify the environment, make it more interesting.


I have already started updating the wall asset with added geo and updated texture. I will use this to make variations if need be.
(At its current stage. I might add little things to it as I progress on to different props and such.)
I ve had a few iterations on this of course to make it better.

Old wall screenshot for comparison.


  • Omafo_MF
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    Omafo_MF vertex
    Quick Update, sketching out an overgrown variant of the wall. Also researching what sort of vegetation to add.
    Still up to change.

    Using this as a main point of reference.
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