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[Riot Creative Contest 2017] Fallen Star Guardian Evelynn

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Tendscha null

Because I really love the desing of the starguardian skins, I decided to make a concept for Evelynn. But Evelynn did not fit well in this "girls protecting the stars"-theme so she had to be something else. A fallen star,someone who used to protect the first star, but stopped it for certain reasons.

This were my first sketches :)

This is her final desing ^^

This would be a causual star guardian-version of her (maybe a chroma that people could get on a event or something)

Her shadow form

Her normal form

and her attacks (please ignore Ahri and Lux xD)

Because all the other star guardians had teams , Evelynn should not be alone (here are a sg Zyra , a sg Lissandra and a sg Sivir).They are just four because the pink star died (That's why they decided to turn against the first star).

This was my working process.



  • Tendscha
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    Tendscha null
    And here is it, the only reason why you scrolled through all this unimportant stuff xD
    The splashart!!!!!!!!!!
    I had much fun while drawing for this contest and I am not too late xD (That was my biggest fear to be honest)
    Because you are reading this you may be interested xD well thanks for reading ^^.
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