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Hello there, so I grab this model from cadnav website(didn't saw the authors names there, even thought i tried to look everywhere or I'm just blind, and actually there are 2 models, original one didn't have full head mesh), created new rig, didn't do face rig thou, just for body.
and here's the animation, i picked doing the ult

and run

Unfortently, I find out about this contest about month ago and he is ending in a few days and i just don't have enought time to put something more in run cycle or ult animation, also i got sick for about a week(how convinient isn't it), and work deadlins didn't give me a break for something else, so was doing animation only on weekends,but never the less it was really fun and personally educational to animate her and bring her into those extrem poses
Anyway here is the link to the syncksketch, if you might want to take a look, leave you comments, I'm absolutly sure they will come in handy

P.S. I might finish the run cycle later on with bringing her sword out, like battle run, when I'll have some more free time, but probably it will not be soon, having literally just a ton of work to do right now.
P.S.S. Might do some render just for fun, to keep my notebook busy in anyway I'm sleeping at night  xD


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