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Paranoia [Complete]

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Narrative submission based on League of Legends character, Nocturne.  


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    Progress report - finishing first draft.
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    Progress report - Revising first draft. 
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    Progress report - Submitted final draft.
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    Authors notes:

    I chose Nocturne as my centerpiece for this contest submission not only because he was my first ever champion that I bought but also that because so little was written about him.  Many characters have already had their worlds fleshed out so I wanted to have the creative freedom to be able to decide what Nocturne should be doing and how Nocturne should act.  

    That being said that, the creative freedom was also a double edged sword because I didn't know how it should act.  There is so little known about Nocturne that its personality is not even particularly known, so I had to gather what little I could on the entity known as Nocturne.  After listening to his quotes and reading his bio I decided to interpret Nocturne as sort of this Freddy Krueger sort of villain that not only preyed on the flesh but also the fear invoked that lead up to that final kill.  Particularly, I wanted to focus on Nocturne's Paranoia skill that induced darkness.  But I thought to myself, "Paranoia is his ult which is the execute.  How would Nocturne build up that point when it's ready to kill?  And that's when I read Nocturne's CC move: Unspeakable Horror.  The skill plants nightmares in to someone's mind.  Eureka!  Nocturne can aggressively induce nightmares on a sleep deprived victim before killing them.  To quote Pennywise the Dancing Clown, "Tasty, tasty, beautiful fear."

    To wrap things up, I want to say that I had  a lot of fun writing this.  I think I developed this piece to the point where I was satisfied with Nocturne's portrayal of being a 'dream assassin'.  If given the chance I would definitely enjoy exploring its background even further as there are so many questions that could be asked about the entity known as Nocturne with so many avenues of possibility to go down.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my piece, I hope you enjoyed my work!
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