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[Riot Creative Contest 2017] - Samurai Boom from Tokyo


Thank you for planning a good contest!

I am not good at English….but I will participate

This is my first time to design a sound without using commercially available libraries, I think that it is a good opportunity to study.

I have already finished the finalmix.

However, I was designing while doing another work, so I could not have time to write a report.

So, from now on about production I will post it.


  • SamuraiBoom

    How to make sfx whoosh

    First, I gathered the sounds of cars, motorcycles and trains.

    Based on these sounds, I'm making whoosh with waves doppler and sound morph wave warper.

    Among them, those with distinctive sounds are below.
    • In the scene where rakan rotates, I use the rotary sound of yo.
    • Zed's black aura sound uses vending machine noise.


    • AIR Flanger
    • AIR Ensemble
    • Waves Mondomod
    • Waves Rbass
    • Waves S1 Imager, etc.


    vending machine

  • SamuraiBoom

    How to make Foley sounds

    The footsteps and armor sounds were recorded using different materials for each character.

    For example, Rakan 's footsteps are sneakers and xhaya' s footsteps are barefoot recorded.

    The sound of Zed's armor is made of what puts a key ring in a bag of leather.

    The attack sound is made using my own hands, kitchen utensils, clothes, paper, jump rope and so on.

    Besides, I made a recording with the things and places that are on the photo.

  • SamuraiBoom

    How to make sfx and ambient

    sfx was made mainly using metallic sound and synthesizer.

    Among them, the characteristic feature is the attack sound of xhaya.

    I made it with a bell which is a Japanese amulet.

    Please see the video below for the sound of the bell.

    Besides,I collected and processed various metal sounds such as tambourine and kitchen knife.

    I also used the sound made using feedback at NI Massive and SoundForge, and the sound made using granular at NI Reaktor.

    To the sound of the stone that shines red, a lot of interesting sounds are used, such as hot water boiling sound, stove flame sound, stir-frying sound and so on.

    Among them, the most interesting thing is disposable warm pad and Japanese bread crumbs.



    These were especially indispensable sounds in the cave scene.

    ambient sounds made with field recording and synthesizer.

    Since there is no music, I am putting many ambient in order to convey the situation more precisely.

    Like sfx, there are many things made with granular at NI Reaktor.

    Also, I use the sound that I used for Foley.


    NI Massive

    NI Reaktor

    Sound Forge

    Sound Forge chorus

    Sound Forge resonant filter

    Pitch 'n Time Pro

    waves Rverb

    waves Rbass

    NI RC 48

    Mod Delay III


  • SamuraiBoom

    I recorded my voice and my wife's voice…

    The voice of Zed also uses what processed my voice.

  • SamuraiBoom

    Result of rough mix


    It was about a month using off time.

    I made a hard work by making it in a way different from usual, but I enjoyed it anyhow.

    It was very exciting to go to various places to record and search for a better way.

    Unless you own your own studio in Tokyo, it is very difficult to make a loud sound loudly at your disposal.

    I really wanted to hit the metal exactly, I wanted to destroy something, I wanted to burn, but I could not do it.

    Instead, we are doing a lot of ingenuity to make small sounds to the big ones.

    Even with heavy attacks and effects, I used the sound that breaks branches of thin wood, the sound that pulls a tissue, the sound that hit a paper bag, and so on.

    I am glad if you listen carefully.

    I am happy to meet people who love sound design.

    Let's make a good sound! !

  • SamuraiBoom
    My final mix is here.

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