[Riot Creative Contest 2017] - Cowcow1234

OMG I just notice this event from Riot Games' Twitter. There are only few days left toward the deadline! 
IDK whether i can do something good but start should better than just standing here...maybe?

Going to create something new but I found out that Riot have done so many different elements.
We got water from Nami, fire from Brand, wind from Janna, plants from Zyra and MEOWKAiiiiiiiii.......And something unreal like Karthus' magic spell.
Then I searched from my surrounding.

I am from Hong Kong. If you ask some symbol from my culture, the answer should be...
(This word means LOVE)

Well, not bad, just go for it. 

Here is a quick plan: 

Ink ejected from a brush.
When ink drops on the floor, a flower blossom from the ground and birds fly away. 
Finally the flower spread out with sparkles.

A lot of works right here. Bless me.


  • Cowcow1234
    Day 1

    Let me try out the easiest part first. 

    Something changed from the concept drawing that the ink is not eject from a brush now.
    It become the stroke write by the brush.

    I created a sprite sheet for the stroke and a dot for the head

    The result is like this:

    Problem here, cant see the stroke from some angle.

    Add a horizontal plane. Problem solved. 

    That's for day one.

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