Project PI [Volunteer/Rev-Share] - Top-down detective game needs artists from all dimensions.

Hi there polycount!

I'll try to be brief so as to not take too much of your time:

About: 2 months in development (in total, over the course of 1.5 years...), Project PI aims to create a 3D, topdown, low-poly, comic-book style open world detective game, built in the unreal engine.

Now, I know that open-world sounds quite ambitious, but it is actually a very small open world, which partially made using procedurally generated buildings and placed props.

Setting: The game is set in an alternate history 1920's with a mix of noir and retro-futurist vibe (think dieselpunk, but with electricity), in a crime-infested metropolis on the brink of crisis, where the protagonist is hired to solve a series mysteries, some of which are linked together to form an overarching plot. The details are yet to be worked out, hopefully by a skilled writer.

Progress: So far, we have managed to build a test version where you can drive around a lifeless, and glitched-out, cookie-cutter town, which is available for download from our discord.

What we are looking for: 

- Low-polycount modellers: In order to expand the game world, we are in need of simple, no-thrills models, street signs, road sections, sections of building exteriors, Trees, Vehicles, and in-door furniture/props. You are free to work in your own pace, no deadlines, only encouragement. 

- Character Artist/Animator: Someone with slightly more skill, to model characters in low-poly style. Again, no need for textures or UVs. If you can rig and/or animate, that a plus but not really necessary, as we can take care of that. 

- 2D artists: For various tasks such as UI, concept art, cutscenes, or whatever you do the best.

To apply: Send me a PM, and I will reply with a link to our discord.

What we may also be looking for:

- If you have no skills what so ever, or have beginner 2D, 3D skills, I am willing to train you up to an amateur-ish level, which will be quite sufficient for your participation in the project, if you are willing to take the time.

 - If you have other skills (Music, soundfx, writing, voice acting, unreal programming/level design) and if you are really interested in our project, I'll add you to our list of contacts, and contact you when the time is right.

Cheers, Stefan

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