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[Riot Creative Contest 2017] - Winter Hot Spring Wukong

Hi everyone! I'm planning to do a winter/hot spring themed skin of my main champion Wukong! 

Here is a bunch of references that I have gathered so far for my piece, they mostly have Tibetan cultural influences which I feel should be a good fit for this:


  • fleetingthunder
    Current WIP designing this armor, I really liked the ox head from my reference so I mashed it into the shoulder armor. I went for a travelling monk/hunter esque vibe

    Threw in a few designs on the head, people from my discord chat quite like 1 and 2, I like the hair of 4 because it gives it that vibe of age and wisdom so I might try to impose that on the other 2 maybe

  • fleetingthunder
    Current WIP of the design so far, will adjust the shoulder later on 

    Ran a few color palettes I quite like the blue face in 2, clothing wise I might go either 3 5 or 6, let me know what you guys think!

  • InnocentDeaths
    I think 5 is your best option for the hot spring theme, those monkeys do of course have the white fur/red face which would be really distinctive. Clothes colors look great on that one too.
  • Katya_Cyan
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    Katya_Cyan polygon
    Your idea and composition looks very cool) 
  • Velurie
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    Velurie polycounter lvl 4
    This is awesome! Such a powerful pose and composition!
  • Ingoro
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    Ingoro null
    Keeping an eye on this. Good luck the last few days.
  • fleetingthunder
    Forgot to update my thread, I'm so lazy when it comes to posting stuff, if I had a robot or something to do it for me that would be great  :D

    Here was the first stop for my piece, went about to gather critique on how to improve it

  • fleetingthunder
    ....And then here is the final version!

    Some of the changes I made were:
    - making distinctions of the material, especially the armor. 
    -adding motion blur as that is usually a Riot key element
    -adding more monkeys, especially further in the background to promote the depth and scale of the building
    -touching up the foreground elements such as the mist and adding more snowballs and also making the water less 'dense' looking
    -adding bounce light from the water to add more variation

    There still some things I would have liked to try out a couple more things but alas I had no time such as:

    -improving my edges especially for my background elements, I went lasso tool and fill crazy so I felt I cut around too many corners
    -still could improve the rendering of the water

    That's all I could think of for now but I really enjoyed creating this piece, if anyone has any comments/critique to offer please do so! I look forward to the winning selections!
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