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[Riot Art Contest 2017] Arclight Viktor

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Jasonn polycounter lvl 3
Hello hello! I am super excited to be participating in this contest since I missed the last one a few years ago!
I'm joining really late but hopefully I'll be able to finish  by the deadline.

Since I don't have too much to to finish this piece I'm just going to jump right into it.
I thought a lot about which character to illustrate - after looking through a lot of the submission I realized there wasn't much representation for my favourite champion Viktor. So I decided to illustrate him in my favourite skin series and make him into an Arclight champion!

To start it off I did a few character design sketches as well as a super rough set of thumbnails to determine the composition of the piece.
I think I have a good idea of where I would like his design to go so I am going to skip a few steps and elaborate more on it in the illustration since I don't have that much time left.
Anyway I hope you guy's like these so far, I am really looking forward to seeing everyone else's submissions and progress!


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