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Hello Summoners,

To begin this topic, i would like to say this is my first attempt on a contest.
I'm also very new to VFX in general as i've been really intrested in this only 2 weeks ago, i've been messing arround enough with all the tool that gave me Unity and decided it was time to work on something somewhat bigger.

For this project i've decided to create a spell which is related to what i call the "Magma Legion" theme. (This is basicaly some advanced arcanist who use the power of the lava to transform it into energy (TLDR: Some project-ish skin mixed with lava))

For that i've picked some colors for my theme:

Some Inspiration / Model for my direction:

Also i've been thinking about some skills with these keywords : Huge Burst, Projectile, Delay, AOE, Portal, Ray Burst.
So i want a projectile that propulse itself from a tech-ish / magical-ish portal (Kinda) then mark the target and after a short delay a huge burst strike the previously marked zone, also the zone is in 2 part : The main zone at the center, and the secondary zone.

January 17 - Version 1.0

What i want to do next:

Give the portal more impact and depth to the design.
Give the projectile more randomness and a feel of danger (Guess i'll try to mess with my glows and colors).
Improve the spell mark and impact by giving it some detail (The pre instrantiation part need to be polished).
Also i want that huge pillar of molten lava, some particles.
Finaly i'll most likely add some lens and more glow / light to increase the feel of burst.

Can't wait to get your opinion !

 also if you see a way to improve and / or you think i'm missing on something please feel free to tell me.

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