Sci-Fi Pistol ( Texture and Lighting C&C Needed! )

My first attempt at a Sci Fi piece, any critique would be appreciated!


  • JoshuaG
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    Is this based off of an existing piece of concept art?

    Your materials are very bland with hardly any variation in hue, roughness, etc. There should be some dirt, scratches, paint chipping off, brushed metal, etc on the gun. Even if it's going to be in a super clean environment, it'll be far more visually appealing to not look factory new. 
    It doesn't have to be too extreme, just noticeable. Look at this example of a 1911. Also look at the 1911, and pistols in general, so see how round the grips are. When designing a gun you want to make sure it looks like it'll be comfortable to hold in the user's hand. It doesn't have to be too rounded out, just enough where it's not jabbing into the hand.

    You can see cuts on the metal, the edges wearing down (especially at 90 degree angles), the metal is a bit brushed up, there's color in the metal, etc.  Of course that's a more extreme example since this is a fairly old gun.

    You can see on the edges and grip of this Vector that the polymer has a grainy noise to it with some cloudyness to it.

    While your bakes turned out great, your high poly edges need to be softer so the normal map can be effectively used. 
    This image does a great job demonstrating this.

    Don't take this critique too harshly. You're certainly on the right track. I think your next asset should be based off of a real world gun, prop, etc so that way you can really learn a lot from trying to recreate the textures and modeling. 
  • Tim_Nosbisch
    Josh, thanks for taking the time to write this all out, a lot of great advice and examples!   I made the mistake of conceptualizing it myself which led to many shapes not being fully thought out (definitely that handle haha)  Appreciate the feedback!
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