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[Riot Art Contest 2017] Ajuna the Thief!

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Hey all! Little last on posting this up.. but wanted to get my initial thumbs and color progress on board here. This piece is also being painted live this week on my twitch channel @ www.twitch.tv/davegrecoart

We wanted to create a piece to someone who could possibly become a champion! If the story changed a bit that is. He's not an existing Champion but he is an existing character in the world.. so let me know if that is an issue for this.

Ekko's friend, Ajuna. If he was to become a champion, what would his powers be? Right now we are going mostly with a hextech ability to cloak. So the piece is set in the city of Zaun.

Here was an initial black and white sketch we knocked in. Tons to figure out. I'll post the start of our color as well. Hope to wrap up the piece by end of saturday night. thanks all!

Here was the final black and white to figure out more of the composition and values.. Hope I didnt zip too fast without posting updates. Let me know if this is an issue. been going pretty quick on this one.


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