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Banij null

I just graduated and looking for a job in the gaming industry, I've never really posted work online while it's not finished but I wanna improve...a lot.

So tear it shreds the design, topology even the quality of the renders anything. I just wanna know what works and what doesn't!


  • Brian "Panda" Choi
    Is this model finished as a game model even?
  • Nuclear Angel
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    Nuclear Angel polycounter lvl 6
    I would say if you want to get critique you should give us more context on exactly what to critique. For example name your thread something like, "Game ready boat model for UE4", and then write in the thread what you want critique on.
    Only writing "Just crit really" comes of bad, and it gives us nothing to help you with. As Brian asked, is it a game model that is finished? What are those black and white images supposed to be? What is the end goal with this project? 

    As soon as you answer those kind of questions and give us more info we can give you proper critique. Good luck! 
  • Banij
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    Banij null
    Yeah that's fair, I'll redo the title, opening paragraph and label the pictures this afternoon.
    The model isn't game ready, It's just a sorta whitebox and I want to start getting it game ready after this crit, Just didn't think this through, first time I've used polycount.
    I'll make my goals more specific but in general I just wanna know if it's an interesting piece and whether any parts of the design could be improved. I want it to be a portfolio piece, a 3D prop/vehicle that is game ready.
    The black and white images were just to show off silhouette from side,front and top angles. And the idea is inspired by the boat in dishonored 2 with a train steam engine inspired mechanism on the back. 


  • TheLittleJay
    Model seems a lil' bit inconsistent with its polygon use. Like, the big cylindrical engine thing has a ton of loops at the rear, but the anchor is just a collection of cubes. My initial impression is that there's a few places that could do with some of the polys being devoted the that main engine. 

    Is there a high poly version of this boat? You could get a lot of nice smaller details like bolts running along the hull, or weld marks by using a normal map. 

    I'd say the textures should be your main focus of improvement as right now it's just a few blocks of colour, not very interesting. But with some sweet textures across the whole model it could look great. After you've got all of your base textures think about adding some wear and tear on top, like places on the hull where the years of service have taken their toll, or some barnacles clinging onto the hull. What about the seat, maybe the sun has been taking its toll and slowly bleaching the colours. You mentioned Dishonered, maybe a canister of whale oil has spilled in the back. Small stuff like that will really bring it to life, stop it from looking like a 3D model.

    Remember, the devil is in the details. 
  • pmiller001
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    pmiller001 greentooth
    I'd like to see more surface details to breka up the monotony, and to piggy back off of what has already been said, I would do something with those materials. I'm not sure if you've uv'd or baked this thing out yet, but I'd do that. IT is a little boring to look at right now, but that could also be presentation. so to compartmentalize, in my opinion you should
    -break up the surfaces
    -throw some textures on this thing
    -present it in a way where its cool to look at/easy to critique
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