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I have started a new Substance designer learning series called Substance Masters.
This series will focus on learning from a mix of skilled substance designer artists, to get a varied library of materials to learn from.

Download and more previews -

Volume 1 contains 3 different materials created by 3 different artists, each include the full commented SBS source file
As well as 11 hours of recorded creation process, you also get SBSAR files which you can use as materials in substance painter. PNG,Tiff,TGA textures are also included and for artists interested in rendering and presentation I have also included the Marmoset toolbag files which were used to create the presentation shots as well as video.

For Vol.1 the work from the following artists are included -

Ben Wilson.

Vinicius Ribeiro.

Ilan Shoshan.

I’m currently on the lookout for additional substance designer artists that would be willing to create materials to be included in future volumes, this will of course be paid, so if you are interested or you know someone that you would want to see included please send me a message on artstation or on facebook.

Facebook -



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