[3dsmax and Zbrush] AMD Zen performance vs Intel CPU's.

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OccultMonk greentooth
I keep hearing that most software is still mainly optimized for Intel. I am contemplating building a new computer with an AMD processor: 1950X @ overclock 3.9/4Ghz VS a much more expensive Intel 16 Core CPU. I believe the intel i9-7960XE is about 20% faster when overclocked to 4.4ghz vs the overclocked AMD.

But are there some benchmarks results that compare 16 core intel vs 16 core AMD for Zbrush and 3ds max? I keep reading there are some bugs and performance problems for AMD since most software is still optimized for Intel. It's not just about rendering but also about modeling and viewport performance. 

Does anyone have a Threadripper 16 core 32 threads CPU and do some tests in 3ds max and Zbrush? I know Zbrush has a build in the benchmark test. 


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