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So for this challenge I decided I'd like to animate a character with Yordle like proportions, and I would like to animate a dance. After doing some searching, I landed on this character from Artella - https://artella.lpages.co/artella-lily-snout-giveaway/

However, there were some things about the rig and the design of the character that I wished were different, so I kept searching for alternatives. In the end I ended up finding this other model by Yekaterina B. that I really liked on cubebrush - https://cubebrush.co/ybourykina

I was inspired by the characters overall look and feel, and I wanted to utilize this in some way. Ultimately I ended up kitbashing the two models together, trying to retain the things that I liked about each one. It went through a few iterations that were less than stellar, but I like how it turned out in the end. This is what I ended up with...What do you guys think?

I'm currently working on the rig, wish me luck! :)


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