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[Riot 2017 Art Contest] Phantom Opera Sona/Jhin

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julshii polygon
*EDIT: Hi everyone, I'm changing my subject since I wanted to do something more in-game universe and comic-like...I'll be drawing Garen/Katarina over here: http://polycount.com/discussion/196849/riot-2017-art-contest-a-decision-garen-katarina#latest

Here's as far as I got on this one, I'll definitely go back to it some time.


Hi everyone! This is my first time participating (also posting on polycount ... :* ).

Not sure what to title it, but I'll be making Phantom of the Opera-esque skins for Sona and Jhin! There's so much potential for backstory connecting the two (Jhin's voicelines towards her are so interesting please listen to them), and I've always wanted to link them in some way. I'm having too much fun with it right now...

If I have time before the deadline, I also want to make a short comic for the theme...something along the lines of Sona being this famous opera singer with her Etwahl and Jhin as an overlooked jealous conductor who  does an Ursula   develops a gun/weapon that steals Sona's voice (I really want to draw him after this moment saying the line from the musical: "Sing for me my angel...oh wait"  LOL )

Here's a inspiration sketch for Sona; I think I need to make the shapes more readable and see how it works with her ingame model.
 I'll be making a mood board for her next.


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