How to create hair?

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Hey! Recently I did a research about hair. Me personally hate hair, I always had problems with it and still have. But maybe this will be helpful to others too. Just wanted to have this links in one place and share with others, feel free to comment and add yours. 

So the most useful info I found is from Zbrush Summit 2016. Official ZBrush Summit 2016 Presentation - Naughty Dog

The example and short tutorial is here. But seems very pricey for this one, especially when there is a lot of info for free on youtube. (Anyway only author can choose the price so no judging.

This example shows hair workflow using Zbrush

And very good example , but it's with only russian comments.

This one is Maya workflow with creating hair directly in Maya and Baking all maps with alpha. (Btw you can found for free this model from autor on his gumroad

Another one workflow using 3ds Max Ornatrix , but works nice with other 3ds max modifiers.

The hair in this article I bet were made in Maya , but first passes on hair were made just painted by hand. By

That is well shown in this Gilberto Magno workshop in some of the [email protected]

Paragon hair.

Breakdown: Making the Hair on The Division.
Very nice pipeline from Division. Combo of volume mesh+separated hair meshes.

Dishonored hair. Found this link in Zbrush discord channel, posted by Xalibur member.

Hair by @Baj Singh Didn't find the topic about Robyn creation, but there are breakdowns on the Artstation page and in the "3DArtist" Magazine issue 103.

Added by @Eric Chadwick 

A bunch more links and techniques can be found on the Polycount Wiki.

Added by @Linko

Haircards workflow in Blender.The non-free tutorial shows how to create game hairs using Blender hair particles then rendering a texture in front camera orthographic view, how to groom the head with hair cards using curves to generate flate surfaces, then how to export the hairs in Sketchfab and shading them:

Stylized Hair in Blender

Pixar like hair in Blender. Blender hair tutorial.

Added by @Goeddy
Nice share by Goeddy, he uses fiber mesh as a base to bake maps for the hair. You can go and ask him more questions in his thread.



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