[Riot 2017 Art Contest] Spectacular Sivir

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o_oleu triangle
Hello! new over here and first time trying this...

So Spectacular Sivir got a special place in my heart! It was one of the first skins that I bought (I bought it in season 2, when Sivir was still a noodle armtype of gal)....I wanted the full fantasy of Wonder Woman and that skin in that moment gave it to me. 


A lot of athletes and muscles engaging. 

Model concept:

This was a really quick drawing I just wanted to explore a little bit the idea of this bulkier, toned, slim Sivir...my favorite was G because its simple, still reads as Sivir, and it have that Wonder Woman moment.

Splash Art Thumbnails:

So with this...I wanted to showcase action...hahaha actually my mind was like Hair>Muscle>Weapon....my favorites are B and C...I really like the movement on B..its looks like she's ulting and going all in (I dont like the lower part tho, still needs some work)... with C I like the muscles and the angles she have...but I feel that its the static version of A. 

What do you guys think? any type of feedback would be a great <3 ty!


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