[Riot Creative Contest 2017] ArKaDiA_JeF

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Hi everyone!

i decided to participate in this version of the riot creative contest my name is Arkadia_jef and in the next article I will publish the ideas that I have to participate


  • ArKaDiA_JeF

    Hi I'm jef and talking a bit about this quick concept. I want to remember the awesomeness of each dragon in the game, rather than with a mark on the wall, this is something hurried something that has to do with the four elements maybe diamonds rocks? I do not know yet, I will be updating you with the process
  • ArKaDiA_JeF

    Exploring other ideas, the idea of the steampunk attracts me a lot but I do not see it in the grotto of the dragon, (See in the floor gear) but I do not have it clear yet in a tower?, The idea of the elements calls me more attention, I want to try to put it without overloading the stage, I'm going to model some things in 3d and show you the progress ArKaDiA_Jef
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