[Riot Creative Contest 2017] - Pierre Brouchet

Hello, this is my entry for the VFX contest on the Stylized category :)

The idea was to make some kind of a "quantum beam" attack that would distort/bend space-time around/on the opponent, like splitting atoms and dividing space into pieces, weird things like that... like an IRL glitch ^^
Here is my moodboard:

My first inspiration was Gildarts, one of Fairy Tail's powerful characters. He's got a "crunch" attack that ables him to destroy everything he touches. But when used on humans, it divides them into small cubes, and then those cubes re-shape back to mini-humans. So I thought it would be nice to have some kind of dividing effect on the opponent (like voxelization).
So from there I thought that it would be cool to get some kaleidoscopic/psychedelic aesthetics, getting inspiration from some of the wonderful artists of the Art Deco/Cubism era of painting: Paul Klee, Gustav Klimt, Georges Braque, ...
And of course some classic quantum physics ideas of VFX !

Here's a first draft of the effect, made in PopcornFX:


  • AntonioEffectsFX
    No feedback needed, a great solid first attempt. :smile:
  • floorpeas
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    floorpeas polycounter lvl 6
    I feel like the animation timing is all very similar. The orbs start, then another, then another element is added which lasts as long as the previous section. It doesnt feel like things are building up and getting faster and more frantic before the beam is loosed.

    The particles coming from the beam come outwards from the beam but have no velocity following the beam's direction so they appear to slow the power of the beam's force. Perhaps add some velocity towards the target and movement noise to create a more chaotic dispelling of energy.
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