[RELEASED] PBR Rocks Package - Desktop and Mobile versions

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PBR Rocks is a rocks package that you can use for desktop and also for mobile. Available on Unity Asset Store!
Contains additional shaders options, that allow you to customize the look of the rocks creating unique rocks. 

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QY60ZCoWaJc

Asset Store Facebook | Twitter | ArtStation | Youtube


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    Update 1.2 for Rocks Pack is now live on Unity Asset Store.

    Main changes in update 1.2:
    • Added AO/Height/Smoothness maps for all ground textures. Now the textures are compatible with the external terrain tools, such as CTS or MegaSplat. 
    • Added a new cliffs texture 
    • Update the shaders to amplify version 1.4.2 
    • Removed the red spots from the Sand_01 texture 

    Your feedback is welcome! Thanks.
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