[UE4/WIP]Alice Madness Returns inspired environment: Creepy dollhouse scene

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Hi, polycounters :)
Thank you for visiting this thread and being part of the journey of this project.

I'd like to share the environment I have been working on since this June in Game Art Institute Environment Artist Bootcamp (it was such a fantastic course). I want to record the progress, thoughts and what I am willing to learn and achieve in this environment, and hopefully get some feedback from the community.

5+ year into the CG world, I had been doing characters, UI, environment props, concept art, and my portfolio is falling everywhere.
So I decided I want to go deep instead of going broad. I would take my time and nail my craft since I would like to be an environment artist as my career for a long time.

(note: English is not my mother tongue. I hope you could understand what I expressed.)

Story and concepts
I am a big fan of horror movies and games. I love the art of Alice Madness Returns a lot, especially at the dollhouse level where Alice met the insane children and dollmaker.

I came across an impressive concept on Pinterest when I looked for the references for the boot camp project. The overall environment proportion would base on this concept, but I may change the props to fit the story in my mind.

It's a house of a person with the dissociative identity disorder. Here is the place he practices witchcraft and kills people. I will create a dark and spooky scene with story-telling props to fit the character, such as different style paintings around the room, skulls, and creepy dolls, etc.

  1. Creating 5 to 6 high-quality props, prove that I can make models from references accurately.
  2. PBR workflow with substance.
  3. Practicing lighting in Unreal Engine
  4. Finak goal: A solid environment portfolio piece.
The concept:
I would cut lots of objects especially the dolls.

The lighting references:
The lighting gives a cold feeling for the scene and also create a focal point for the foreground.

Material references:

Props references:

Modular assets planning:

Blockout of the scene:

Working in Progress screenshots from UE4:
*The blank models are the blockout, not the final result.
*rope's spline system is from the Unreal marketplace:PurePolygons. I will replace my own rope textures.


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