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Neisha null
Hello ! This is my first entry on Polycount!

I decided to work on Shadows Isles story, because I like a lot this environment and this story!

The 3v3 map ( Twisted Treeline), is a part of Shadows Isles.
I will use it as reference ( for jungle and vegetation). But there is much more than this map to define the Isles.
Indeed we can find a lot of details about Isles and their champions in the lore, which are not negligible : the history about the old civilization before the disaster is really interesting.
The old kingdom is rigid, hard and cold in view of his general shape. So its contrast with the Twisted Treeline is appealing.

I really want to try to adapt this part of Runeterra's world on the Summener's Rift map.

Next time, I will give a try to some concepts ! 


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