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Artists Looking for Work - Guidelines

This forum provides a place for individual artists to post links to their portfolios, and a few examples of their work. This is also a good place for potential employers to ask questions of a particular artist.

If you are an outsource studio or group of artists, please create your portfolio topic in Outsourcers Looking for Work instead. We hope this makes it easier for employers to find studios vs. sole proprietors, each of which have their place in the art marketplace. 

We have a few simple guidelines to follow here to cut down on the clutter and keep this professional.
  1. This section is only for content creators to advertise their availability for work. Job openings must be posted in the other forum sections: Full Time/Part Time Work, Freelance Job Postings, Royalties, or Unpaid Work .
  2. Show visual examples of your artwork, as images directly in your thread. Feel free to also include links to your portfolio sites, but your thread needs to contain at least one image of your work. This makes life easier for potential employers.
  3. Do not spam. Post your ad once. If it falls off the page and you would like to bump it, that's fine as long as you have new work to show. DO NOT bump your thread if you aren't showing *NEW* artwork in the reply. The point of this rule is to discourage empty "bump" posts, because without the rule the forum becomes a mess of text-only one-upmanship threads. That makes it more of a hassle for employers to review artists, because there's so much junk to wade through.
  4. Do not reply in someone else's thread unless you have a relevant employment-related question which informs everyone, i.e. "Do you have experience with software X?" etc. Don't ask questions which only apply to your situation. To contact someone for work, use the Send Message system, or email.
  5. Potential employers should not post images from their projects, info selling themselves, or links to their projects in an individual's thread. If you want to hire someone, email or Send Message them directly. Discussing work/payment details in a public forum is highly unprofessional.
  6. This is not a place to critique/comment on other people's work, these sort of responses need to be kept in Showcase & Critique. If you have a comment for someone, use Send Message.
  7. If you are a new user posting and do not see your thread, feel free to use Send Message to contact one of the moderators who will make sure it gets approved. We have an anti-spam filter in place to catch all the nonsense and viagra ads that somehow always seem to end up here. If you do not see your thread after posting, do not post multiple threads, just contact one of the moderators via Send Message.
  8. If you see someone breaking these guidelines, we encourage you to use the Flag > Report button. This sends a message to the moderators, who will look into the post and decide whether it needs moderation. 

Make Your Artwork Easy to View

Please be considerate of our viewers on mobile. Also, the longer people have to wait for your images to load, the less likely your work is going to be seen.
  • If your images are more than 1MB each, they're too big.
  • Downsize your images to 1600 or less before attaching or embedding.
  • JPG compression level 8 is a good tradeoff in size vs. quality.
  • PNG format often makes very large image files. PNG makes huge files unless you have large areas of empty flat color; best to avoid PNG. Saving a JPG at level 8 converts a 8MB PNG down to a 128kb JPG, and looks virtually identical.
  • It's also a good idea to brand your images, so people who download or share your images can find you later. For more info see Your Portfolio Repels Jobs and the wiki Portfolio page.
  • We don't use BBCode tags here, like [IMG]. Just use the Insert Image button (which looks like a landscape picture ).

Embedding Images

There are three ways to embed an image in your post:

1. Drag-n-drop: Save your image onto your computer hard drive, open the folder where the image is, edit your Polycount post, and drag the image from your computer folder into your post editing field.
- or 
2. Upload: Save your image onto your computer hard drive, edit your Polycount post, click on the Insert Image button (landscape icon ), click on Choose Files, find the image in the folder on your computer, click OK. 
- or -
3. Host elsewhere: Upload your image to the web host somewhere, like Imgur etc. Copy the full URL of the image. This URL must start with http: and end with the image extension, .jpg or .gif or .png (we recommend jpg). For example: http://i.imgur.com/qobP07W.jpg You can usually get this URL by right-clicking on a web image and choosing "Copy Image Address" or similar, each web browser is slightly different. Then edit your Polycount post, click on the Insert Image button (landscape icon ), and paste your image URL. 

Embedding Animation

Please see the topic Animation Forum - How To Post Your Work

More important information about using Polycount:
Information about Polycount & New member introductions 

If you have any questions about this section feel free to ask in this thread.
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