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Hi all, starting this thread up to discuss Unfold 3D 10. There were a few questions in another thread so I figure something more centralized would be helpful. 

If you have any feature requests, forum.unfold3d.com is a great place to post. The devs are very active over there. 

Here are some training resources if you are interested in the software.


  • NickBack
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    NickBack polycounter lvl 8
    I'm trying it right now, I think it's a pretty great piece of software. There's room for improvement (like I mentioned elsewhere) for example it has neat edge selection tools for quickly creating new seams, but no auto-select hard edges?

    I mainly use it for packing and it's pretty good. Hopefully the development goes well (at least now that the original developer has the rights back?). I'll probably buy it, although I'm a tiny bit weary after being burned by iPackThat.
  • Bigg__D
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    Bigg__D polycounter lvl 4
    I'm definitely gonna try this out & the pricing scheme looks good, similar to allegorithmic and others in offering indie licensing/subscription based. The UI looks great too so much features
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