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When i first started learning 3D I had bought a program called Silo3d for about $100 and it was just a subdivision modeler with some other features (i think unwrapping if i remember) and it was so fun to use. But as I got better i wanted something where i can play around with other stuff to experiment like rigging/animating etc. Just as I started playing with blender, my uncle had this old laptop he didnt need so I grabbed it because it had an old copy of 3ds max 8 installed on it, I got very lucky here. Here i am many years later and now that I'm taking some classes, I was able to get student license for Max 2018 which expires in 3 years (not sure if they are renewable). I love Max and when it expires unfourtantely I will have to settle for something cheaper, autodesk subscription services are super expensive I mean even adobe made photoshop at least a reasonable monthly price..oh well. My question is what are people thoughts on alternatives? I love zbrush but hate to use sculpting software to do hardsurface even thou it is useful in some cases (like biomechanical, exploring shapes etc). Zbrush is so advanced and yet it is actually affordable compared to other stuff, educational license is $450 and doesnt expire fully featured. I was looking into Modo what yall think of it? Dont understand the pricing scheme with Modo yet i will figure it out sometime. Any others? I know blender is always an option. I really wish Autodesk figured this out because how can we continue to learn the "industry standards" of maya/max when they cost so much, they really should provide a learning license where its full featured but has a very strict licence no commercial use but has a reasonable subscription cost. Allegorihmic for example $20 a month for ALL their tools. Dont get mad at me lol I'm just talking, nothing serious I'm sure a lot can change 3 years from now. I just like Max a lot and it will be a sad day...I guess I need to start saving money starting today lol


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